Students Development

The student club

The NS student club committees has a responsibility for managing and organizing all extracurricular activity relating to the objectives of NS student club and the core value of Faculty of Nursing. The NS student club is supervised by faculty adviser team. In addition, The Ns student club committees do work corroboratively and synergic with all 16 NS student groups and the division of student affairs. 

The student club leadership Team

Student activity

On behalf of Faculty of Nursing, division of student affairs do arrange many extracurricular activities to gain NS nursing students’ life skill in various area in each year. The NS nursing students’ life skill should gain their explicit and implicit knowledge, social change agent skill, and leadership skill. Focusing on the development of the NS graduate nursing students, they will be good performance and desired attributes person related to our NS core values called "NS MAHIDOL".

Adorable, discipline, commitment, generosity, unity, and bonding among our NS nursing student-student, junior-senior, and student-faculties, furthermore, they will be gratitude to their faculties, school, professional organization as well. All those optimal goals and outcomes will be developing through the extracurricular activities that ongoing by division of student affairs. All NS nursing students will have opportunity to take part in the AT activity that the MU requirement for undergraduates of Mahidol University since 2009. Onwards participation in this AT activity will additional courses throughout the duration of their studies at Mahidol University. At least 15 AT activities per hour and less than 100 hours per hour is optimal criteria.

NS Ambassador

NS Ambassador is a complementary program to develop English skill and multicultural learning.               

Innovation stars

Innovation stars are an activity that encourages students to have knowledge, ideas, innovation development.