Academic Service

Vision of Academic Services Center

Commitment to development of excellence academic for society

Mission of Academic Services Center

  1. Provide academic services emphasizing excellence academic and continuous life-long learning  society
  2. Provide academic services link to networking with all organizations in area and social engagement/community engagement.


Academic Services Center has 4 responsibilities as follows:

1. Continuing Nursing Education Center of Nursing Council

In additional, Academic Services Center, Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University is responsible for organizing the sessions of Continuing Education in Nursing. It works as a main institution as appointed by Nursing Council to certify the continuing educational scores (CNEU) of the conferences, trainings and seminars from the Continuing Nursing Education Center of Nursing Council. It keys the record of the continuing educational scores (CNEU) of all the participants name list in the CCNE Program (Continuing Credit of Nursing Education Program). All data are transferred through the internet to Continuing Nursing Education Center of Nursing Council after each session finished.

2. Academic Services Center held the annual conference, training, seminar and workshop along to strategic plan of faculty for registered nurses and all age groups people.

3. Provide academic activities in the important days such as health counseling in National Nurses' Day, International Nurses' Day etc., present the healthcare exhibition

4. Emphasizing social engagement for all life-long learning in communities and promote them to participate in partnership networks