Annual Activities

Contract Signing Ceremony of Receiving Fundings for Social Policy Driving Projects, Fiscal Year 2023 (Policy Advocacy 2023) and Presentation of MU MyMind Project

On May 23, 2023, Associate Professor Dr. Yajai Sithimongkol, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, joined the contract signing ceremony of the receiving fundings for social policy driving projects in the fiscal year 2023 (Policy Advocacy 2023), organized by Mahidol University. Associate Professor Dr. Phuangphet Kaesornsamut, who is a project leader and received the funding, presented the project “MU MyMind”; Promoting Mental Health Among Adolescents: Research Utilization.

The Policy Advocacy 2023 project launch event aims to create a driving system and support policy advocacy from research results from various disciplines to be applied for the greatest benefit. There are 5 projects passing the selection committee to receive grants. Clinical Professor Dr. Emeritus Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, Chairman of University Council, presided over the ceremony. Besides, Associate Professor Dr. Sompop Prathanturarug, Vice President for Quality Development and Academic Services, gave a report for the granted projects. The event took place at Room 530, 5th Floor, Office of President, Mahidol University.