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Academic Service

Providing academic services in society is another major role of a university faculty. Accordingly, the faculties in the department provide academic services for students to be knowledgeable, for nursing personnel to enhance professional standard, and for target groups to improve quality of life.

Academic services provided by the faculties in the Department of Fundamental Nursing are as follows:

  1. Providing health services for society in a Health Promotion Center for the Elderly operated weekly, 3 days a week.
  2. Academic services related to nursing profession for students and  personnel in other educational institutes.
  3. Academic service activities for people on special occasions.
  4. Providing opportunities for the faculties to be a guest speaker for the institutes both inside and outside the university.
  5. Academic services provided through mass communication media such as television, radio.
  6. Distributing knowledge in journal and nursing conference.
  7. Meeting academic advicees on the third Wednesday afternoon, monthly.
  8. Providing  health information and responding to the questions of elders, caregivers, and others through webboard.



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